Methiolopsis geniculata Little Black-knees

Methiolopsis geniculata
Little Black-knees

With our growing population more space is needed to house people and as more people prefer to live in cities more suburbs are being developed. Consequently land is becoming increasingly sparse and to satisfy demand we keep encroaching into, sometimes very sensitive, natural habitat while our wildlife becomes depleted of vital habitats for refuge. The sparse vegetation in those new suburbs makes it hard to encourage the wildlife back into our suburbs, and results in a loss of biodiversity. Nonetheless, domestic gardens can play a significant role, in newly established estates as well as in older suburbs by providing a big share of green space.

How that works and what individuals can do will be the main driver of this blog. Backyards here will not only mean the space within the boundaries of your properties but also the backyard in a wider sense. This includes the park, the lake or creek in your local area.



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